Ceramic tiles flexural testing machine (modulus of rupture) TKZ-10C

Ceramic tiles flexural testing machine (modulus of rupture) TKZ-10C


The ceramic tiles flexural testing machine is to measure flexural strength of non-metal plate such as ceramic tiles, glass, etc. It can also be used to do flexural test to engineering ceramics, electromagnetic, porcelain tube, ceramics for daily use, gypsum board, fiber cement products, natural veneer stone, etc.


2.relative test method

GB/T3810.4 test methods of ceramic tiles: Part 4:determination of modulus of rupture and breaking strength

ISO 10545-4 ceramic tiles- part 4: etermination of modulus of rupture and breaking strength


3. main specification

3.1 test force: 10000N

3.2 force accuracy: 1N

3.3 screw stroke:100mm

3.4 radius of support and press rollers: 15mm include 5mm thickness rubber

3.5 distance between support rollers: 160-1000mm adjustable

3.6 voltage: 220V

3.7 Power: 0.5kW

3.8 Loading speed: 0-250N/S adjustable

3.9 test specimen max. size: 1000x1000mm

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